The company

Walter Ott Rohstoff-Recycling GmbH is a company trading and providing related disposal services for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, alloy scrap, broken grinding disks and ceramics, as well as fire-resistant materials, sintered carbides and tool scrap.

We collect waste material and raw materials in order to extract unmixed and marketable secondary raw materials that can be used in remelting plants and in the production of fire-resistant materials and abrasives as well as in other industrial applications.

Consistent recycling is vital as much from an economic perspective as from an ecological one. Our specialist processing makes waste material into an important secondary raw material for industry.


To date

Walter Ott Rohstoff-Recycling GmbH & Co. KG combines tradition and progress; it has been synonymous with short decision-making processes and customised solutions for more than 60 years.

September 2018 – January 2021

Company Ott trains: Businessman in wholesale and foreign trade IHK


On 10 August, the company celebrates its 60th anniversary. In February, granddaughter Natascha Ott joins the family business.


Space is in short supply. An office extension will solve the problem.



The company’s name changes from Walter Ott e. K. to Walter Ott Rohstoff-Recycling GmbH & Co. KG to reflect the new legal form. 10 August saw Walter Ott Rohstoff-Recycling’s 50th anniversary. Company founder Walter Ott † dies in October 2006.


Daughter-in-law Christine Ott joins the company.


Extension of the operating and storage areas.


Inauguration of the roof over the storage and transhipment areas (approved pursuant to the 4th Federal Immission Control Regulation) allowing deliveries and collections to be made whatever the weather.


On 10 August, the company celebrates its 40th anniversary.


The company’s 25th anniversary and Walter Ott’s 50th birthday are celebrated at the new site. Son Sascha Ott joins his parents’ business.


New office building with hall at Schertlenswald industrial estate in Rutesheim.


Relocation of the business from Stuttgart-Feuerbach to Rutesheim.


Walter Ott’s wife Dagmar joins the business. Alongside day-to-day business, company founder Walter Ott † develops the “Chameleon” multi-purpose vehicle designed to significantly improve identification and transportation of material.



Walter Ott founds the scrap and metal trading business of the same name in Stuttgart. Business was soon extended to trading with broken grinding disks and alloyed material.

Developments in Rutesheim

Ott Rohstoff-Recycling is constantly reinventing itself. Developments at the Rutesheim location can been seen from the pictures from 1986, 1995, 2000 and 2011. A further container store, south of the company’s main site, is not shown.









Our team

Sascha Ott

Sascha Ott

General Manager


Phone: +49 (0)7152-610 085-1


Natascha Sekmen-Ott

Certified business administrator
Purchasing/Material Planning


Phone: +49 (0)7152-610 085-5

Carsten Weiberg

Carsten Weiberg

Material Planning


Phone: +49 (0)7152-610 085-4


Philip Prislan

Kaufm. Angestellter

Telefon: +49 (0)7152-610085-7

“It is passion that makes man live; wisdom only allows him to live.”

– Nicolas Chamfort (1741 - 1794), French dramatist –



Advice and support

In dialogue with the customer, our company develops tailored concepts on how to collect waste material and production leftovers, and how to return it to the material cycle.



Company-owned fleet with skip loaders and trailers.
(Emissions class Euro 5 / Euro 6).

Environmental protection

We attach great importance to environmental protection

Our company addresses environmental issues in a very sensitive manner and we are, of course very aware of the responsibility we bear. For this reason, we take the initiative in our approach to environmental protection, applying the greatest level of diligence, sense of responsibility and reliability in our efforts.

Promoting environmental protection in business

Effective operational protection of the environment is only possible when all employees make a contribution. Therefore, we aspire to promote our employees’ environmental awareness by providing information, training and instruction.

We provide our employees and the general public with the necessary information

In the context of environmental issues, we maintain an open dialogue with employees, authorities, associations and the interested public.

Green technology

The use of environmentally-friendly technologies enables us to avoid, or keep to a minimum, any detrimental impact on the environment.

Compliance with standards and legislation

We are committed to compliance with all applicable laws, standards and regulations and also communicate them to our customers and suppliers.

Reducing the amount of resources consumed

Engaging our employees, we constantly work towards reducing the quantity of resources we consume.

The impact on the environment should be kept to a minimum

The environmental impact of new activities and procedures should be as small as possible – this is why advance testing is always performed.

Sustainable business practices

Wherever possible and economically feasible, environmental protection is aligned to the objective of sustainable business practices.

Advising customers

We provide our customers with advice on environmentally friendly processing.

End-to-end incident management

By implementing end-to-end incident management, we aim to keep the risk of accidents and harm to people and the environment to an absolute minimum.

Control systems

We deploy control systems to ensure compliance with the environmental objectives we set ourselves; these are reviewed on the basis of the latest findings and realigned as necessary.

Social commitment

As a business, we not only provide jobs but are also committed to corporate social responsibility.

We are happy to take on this obligation and have been supporting social projects and associations for many years now.

These include: Atrio Leonberg - assistance for the disabled, Rutesheim Social Foundation, Rutesheim Section of the German Red Cross, Leonberg Hospice, Björn Steiger Foundation, DKMS German Bone Mark Donor Registry. Rutesheim Youth Fire Service, Ostertag Secondary School, Perouse Sports Club, Rutesheim Sport and Culture Club, Rutesheim Small Livestock Breeding Club, the Cello Academy, dimac fruit parcels for kindergartens

Opening hours

Goods acceptance

Monday to Thursday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Friday 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.
lunch break 12 p.m to 12.30 p.m.

We are open for you from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on the following Saturdays:

08.06.2024 06.07.2024 12.10.2024

Our business is closed on the following dates:

31.05.2024 04.10.2024 23.12.2024 - 31.12.2024